Details on our paint process and why it’s better

What is the painting process?

Parts are blasted with Kerfjet #80 Garnet Stone and then primered with PPG High Build Epoxy primer (2 coats). It is then finished with PPG UROTEC Gloss Black (2 coats) and allowed to dry for 1 full day.


What is the paint and primer used?

Primer (2 coats) – PPG Phillips High Build Epoxy Primer made up of 2 components, #6376042 and #737700
Paint (2 coats) – PPG UROTEC #AUE300 Gloss Black Finish plus Activator and Accelerator


Why is this a better paint process?

1. Blasting with stone rather than sand creates a cleaner and smoother finish to prep for painting which provides a high quality “smooth” finished paint appearance.


2. The paint finish is a urethane product which provides a harder finish than regular fast dry industrial paint or rust paint. This harder finish means it doesn’t scratch as easily and has a longer life.