Common problems when comparing “housing” sizes.

Be careful when comparing magnetic sweepers by housing width and depth. The housing is the part of the sweeper that encloses the magnets. The actual amount of magnet inside the housing can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.


The amount of magnet used will effect the lifting height and lifting power of the magnetic sweeper. Magnets are expensive. So some manufacturers will space their magnets out in the housing or use thin, longer magnets. This leaves the housing partially empty. Therefore ask each company for the exact size and type of magnet that is in the housing. They shouldn’t mind giving this to you.


At Bluestreak we tell you exactly what’s in the housing for each of our sweepers. We pack our housings end to end with magnets so you get the best lifting height with our sweepers. Some of our magnetic sweepers include a double or triple layer of magnets or more.

Wrasse 3"x3" Housing pictured above includes a double layer of ceramic grade 8 magnets packed end to end in the housing - Note: housing space above the magnet is used to accommodate a steel backing plate and mounting hardware.